VR Technologies can advise and guide you on any aspect out outsourced IT consultancy. We are experts at what we do; if you are looking for an IT Consultant, IT outsourcing or generic IT consultancy then you should be talking with one of our solution specialist who will ensure that you get the right level and kind of IT outsourcing to meet your needs.

Is IT Consulting right for you?

Reduce IT expenditure - a major motivation to outsource with savings averaging 25-30%.
Modern solutions - employ the latest technology, utilising our highly trained and experienced IT consultants.
Our whole business (IT outsourcing) is dedicated to your IT system, with assistance delivered to strict Service Level Agreements.
With faster response times and access to a greater number of IT Consultants and engineers, issues can be fixed quickly and concurrently.
Reduced IT issues and increased network stability - delivered through proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT solutions..
Offering high quality technical support to your staff reduces stress and demonstrates your investment in meeting their needs.
Enhanced budget management - via a fixed known cost and reduced expenditure on IT equipment.
Business growth - enabled through a responsive and fully scalable solution, which allows you to focus on your core business.

Some FAQ's about our Consultancy Service are listed below :-

The process starts by contacting us so that you can discuss your needs with a project coordinator. After this initial discussion, the coordinator will then assign a consultant (or team of consultants) to further define the scope. The assigned consultant will then follow up with you to get any additional technical details he/she may need in order to understand the project and estimate the effort required. Once we have a good understanding of the project and your needs, we will provide you with a formal proposal detailing estimated time and costs, project scope and a preliminary schedule. Once you have reviewed and accepted our proposal, we can begin work on your project.

Yes. Even though RCS always takes the utmost care to assure that your data and intellectual property are protected, we encourage the execution of a mutual non-disclosure agreement prior to any project initiation. We use an industry standard agreement. You may use this agreement or your organization's legal department may provide one. Please keep in mind that if your company agreement substantially deviates from our standard agreement, it may take longer to execute and/or may be refused.

Depending on the project and/or task, we charge a consulting fee on an hourly, daily or per project basis.

For smaller analysis projects done at our facilities, the cost is based on the actual hours spent on the project. The project proposal will include an estimate of the maximum hours for budgeting purposes. We will then bill only the time actually spent on the project.
If a project requires a visit to your facility, we usually apply a daily fee. For any project requiring travel, we will also bill for the actual costs incurred for related travel expenses.
In some long-term projects, we may utilize a fixed project fee.

Please note the following :-

The exact fee will vary based on the expertise sought, the location of the consultant and other relevant factors. Our fee structure is in line with what you would expect to pay for similar professional services.
Regardless of the project, we will provide you with a written proposal outlining the costs. Work on the project can be initiated after your acceptance of the proposal and the issuance of a purchase order. Smaller projects can also be charged to a credit card.

Absolutely. In most cases, we can do this on the same day. You can e-mail your data set and/or analysis and we can get back to you with an estimate of the time and cost required to accomplish the task. Smaller projects such as this can be charged to a credit card and will be delivered to you electronically as soon as they are completed.

In general, all projects include a complete and thorough report that describes our findings, analysis and recommendations. Depending on the project, other deliverables will be included as required. These deliverables will be defined in the project proposal or added in subsequent modifications to the scope as the project progresses.

This depends on the project. Many projects will have milestones that are dependent on both you and us. Whenever possible, the project proposal will include a reference to the type of cooperation that will be required in order to successfully complete the project (such as a single point of contact within the organization, timely response to requests for information or decisions, and so on). In general, our project scheduling involves time to complete each task once other milestones have been completed. If decisions or delays on your part cause milestones to be missed, the project schedule may need to be adjusted to reflect that.

We will strive to minimize the project costs. A major part of the cost of any project is usually travel-related. As such, we will try to accomplish as much as possible via the use of teleconferencing and/or Web meetings. If the situation requires it, our consultants will travel to your location for an in-person meeting. Alternatively, and if you find it more productive, we can host these meetings at one of its offices.

We have grown consistently year on year and we really are experts in our field of IT outsourcing. If you need an IT consultant or an IT consultancy to guide you through your IT outsourcing needs then you have found us.

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